éperdument amoureux : LOVE STRUCK
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Lost in Salem, trapped by the seduction of those eyes,
Overdosed on portions familiar to the taste of the cherry on your lips,
The sky all lit up by the starshine of your eyes, after a day’s great sun,
Tonight i was walking in Venice and you were all over Giorgio Bellini art work, smooth opera playing from a Captain’s Ball afar,
Your hair sparking silver, your body on super geometrical projection,
Body soaked in Lilies, radiance coated every granule of your skin,
It rained and shined at noon, even nature craved for your company.

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Down by the river,
The stream dancing to the tunes of the birds by the rice field, the reeds carried away by the tunes of the rumbling wind,
The air was silent listening to the beat of our hearts, the sky couldn’t stare away from beauty of your skin, kissed by the crystal waters with a touch of the gold in the sunlight,
The tone of that voice tore away my sanity, the warmth of your breath burnt my thoughts, “Tu as de beaux yeux” I wish i was born a Dubois, with a clean brushed mustache by the streets of Monaco, right under the lights of Monte Carlo, just to tell you, You have very beautiful eyes in that accent.
Or maybe we could go play with the sands of Sajid Majid in Zanzibar while a band of cultured men on khaki shorts, beaded sandals and reed hats plays us some smooth slow bango.

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The flowers by the fountain aint bright enough like the last time you went bathing, 

The birds don’t sing in the morning by my window if you’re not around,

“L’amour est la poésie dessens” Balzac, calls it ‘Love’, the poetry of the senses,the darker shade in the beauty of life, 

Today is a night full of dreams, a promise of a divine love story of this black affair,

A confession of my addiction, greater than the bee’s craving for nectar, how you juggle up my thoughts and capture the consciousness of my emotions,

Last night i wrote a letter for you, from the art of François Copee in literature,

Words from beneath the waters your love drowned me into, the truth of the feeling got me hooked on,

It ended , “Je serai poète et toi poésie… “. I’ll be your poet, will you be my poetry. 

With Regards.






You made a pact with the stars,

They share in your shine.

Get me up into into the clouds,

Unveil to me the glory of your desires.

Charge me guilty,

I pledge for a setence in your arms.

I sold my mind to your fantassy,

Dragging me all the way back to you.

Rinse my troubles in your love,

Feels like am reborn.


Am not the best man you can find,

I hope i’ll take you to him.

I can’t promise the world either,

My heart got no superpowers.

Then I wish I had all the answers,

My life is a clueless riddle.

Drown my senses in your touch,

Only you can shelter my pain.


That smile is my moon,

Mark the shadows off my night.

Juggling my thoughts through the streets,

Don’t miss out on my circus.

Praying with my eyes wide open,

Can’t wait to see my angel tonight.

Guard me in your arms tonight,

Keep me safe from the world.


She’s like a light switch,

Hidden from my reach,

Tell me how i can turn her on.



Africa, the holy ground which our forefathers deemed fit for the worship of peace, love and unity among its people ; a promise of a better and brighter future for which they tirelessly labored in the cruel regime of injustice and hatred, to engrave its certainty on the tablets of freedom. Then,was a common course that pooled together fearless spirits and outstanding characters from every corner of the continent, breathing life into the realisation of self-rule and the onset of a free world for its children to explore and live their dreams.


Unfortunately, the Africa we knew has since undergone a metamorphosis cycle into a harbour of adversity run by the lack of hygiene in the political systems designed to shape efficient and functional government structures, the carefree attitudes of the people towards various key elements that have been pounding the society’s development to submitting to the immense poverty levels, and the tribalist egos which we’ve consciously provided an advanced habitat in our minds. The heights of political unrest in the many African nations which have been playing Rambo on the stability of this land by churning its security installations is reaching for the skies but this time round God is out of options since we’ve already aligned ourselves along tribal lines, speaking different social,economical and political dialects. The dream of our ancestors about a self-dependent vibrant Africa remains chained and caged in the ink of the night and attempts to see it through into the daylight can as well be dismissed as a parody of Judas’ ownership of the silver coins.

Meanwhile, the people have chosen to close their eyes on this saddening reality into a heavy slumber because the African dream is appealing, even when it only exists as a piece of literature in sociopolitical reads and an irritating whistle tune used by looters to shelter their ill intentions while masquerading under masks of honorables and excellencies to steal from the people. The fabric that has clothed this divine land in peace,harmony and prosperity is tearing apart with each day past and the individuals entrusted with the responsibilities of weaving it back together are pulling out strings to clothe themselves. The meaning of a leader has been shamelessly translated to landlords of vast property coverage, travellers in posh private jets and flashy motorcades ; all running on gallons of fuel from national reserves, consumers of the world’s high-end luxury products and bugglers operating in broad daylight.

Governance has been severely dented in this part of the world hence undermining the mastication of the tireless efforts of the humble citizens to yielding essential nutrients fostering the growth of its sons and daughters. In addition to this fact, the salt and light sermon on this major concept, preached by our founding fathers on the mountains of freedom, has been cast into the recycle bin by the scoundrels (professionally refered to as “governors”) whose main agenda is to uproot this continent and turn it upside down. Greed has swept us away from the sacred codes dedicated to the programming of our mentalities as dictated by the principles of brotherhood and peaceful co-existence among us.

We’re slowly falling victims of our own actions as we sit down and watch savages devour our land, sharing it to their convenience. They plunge us into endless conflict ,in our innocence , as they entertain their guests in expensively furnished mansions in America,Europe and Asia where other governors are putting in work to their titles. Promises of heaven have slammed the gates of hell right behind us rendering our toil and harvest irrelevant to our own survival since these hyenas have crucified our economies  and laid national currencies inside valueless tombs awaiting an unprecedented or prophesied messiah.

Our children linger in ignorance from the shallow education systems ripped off their efficiency by the gluttons gobbling up funds meant to sponsor fundamental facilities and salaries for the poorly paid teachers. Mothers play a vital role in delivering the future of this beautiful land but all is not rosy when the few available health care facilities seriously lack the latter at no alarming rate to the relevant ministries ; the big fish swim in big oceans so they aren’t bothered by the hyacinth in the lakes. Talking of inflation; skyrocketing prices scare the ordinary people each day because their pockets,emptied by overboard tax rates, cannot handle the heat of this tragedy.

To conclude this endless discussion; the leaders of Mama Africa need to summon the ghosts of their conscience to scare their people out this nightmare that chokes their sleep. We need to instill responsiblity and accountability in the individuals overseeing the activities of our nation so the efforts of our fathers in the liberation of Africa can finally realise its fruits. African leaders need to go back to The University Of Dar Es Salaam and acknowledge the sense in Prof. PLO Lumumba’s speech on the hygiene in African politics. We need to go back to the struggle for independence and establish the price of freedom and evaluate if we’ve made any profit of that struggle or compensated for the loss. We,the children of this land, need to join hands and stand firm against the predators stealing our sheep by night. We need to embrace our true selves and work tirelessly to achieving the African dream.



deep night,shadows growing bigger through the curtains,

a couple thoughts,sunk into the blue of your world,

poseidon realms,where my life finds its beauty,

wishing i could leave tonight,should it be this hard?

should my happiness be tied to you?

your heartbeat,the world in your smile,

breathless in space,the universe around;vanity.


i’m lost without you,just let my ego out,

you see i thought i had it all under my coat,

i’m a dumb son out of expressions,

tangled up in ignorance,i’m new here,

thinking it’s only about the roses and chocolates,

goodnight kisses,

valentines nights,candle lit tables with costlies,

faking smiles,dead talk,

wish i knew what to do,

different from your girlfriend stories,

rich men, exaggerated lusts,

appreciate your trust,a piece of my heart:a whole of it,

do right by you,read the light in your eyes,

love and cherish, grab a character in this love story,

but you got to show me how,

at least one more time,

i can’t lose you again.

the world can rise against us but i’m not sorry for you,

the day i met you,

that just saved my life,

that just made me whole again,

lit up the sun from my balcony.

Poets In The Deep. 

​Whatever you did to me I’m yet to discover, 

I’ve heard of your charms, 

The ratios you mix your portions, 

Don’t let me snap out of these hallucinations. 

Believe my eyes when you see your reflection in them, you are all I’m thinking about, 

I made a bargain with the alphabets so they’ll let me write to you tonight, 

Cupid lent me a grand piano too, 

I made a song instead, 

From my heart to yours, 

Blends of our desires and adoration for each other, 

Blessings from Eros and the tenderness of Aphrodite, 

Hold on tight to my hand, 

We might be lost but love always finds a way. 

When the sun sets and dusk comes to welcome the night, 

As you stand watching the sun sink into the orange horizon from your balcony, 

I will give my heart to you with the words of my song, 

The blueprint to my trust in our future and the magic that our love shares between us, 

The bullet of my valentine, your voice resides in it, 

Whispering daylight into the dark-shaded cores of emotions, 

Calling upon my demons from the slumber they’ve been dreaming about you, 

Pearls and rubies could cost all the world’s fortune, 

Priceless you are to me so i hold on tight, 

To the last beat of your heart,

The last sniff of your fragrance on your pink silk scarf, 

My sanity in a guillotine but i won’t quit my addictions on you. 
I’m still a hobbit lost in the woods, 

Led by blind gestures of a selfish ego, 

I’m ignorant of this feeling my love, 

Show me how love looks like, 

The taste of its exquisite flavour, 

The rush of feeling it in your tone when you mad, 

The sensation it inspires, 

Read to me all about it so i can maneuver through its plot,

Read it out loud so my mind will never forget, 

Tattoo it under my eye lids so they guide me in the dreams of my phantom. 
I yearned to write about you so I can be at peace with my demons, 

I dreamed of kissing your lips so i could taste the life in that cherry lipstick, 

Caught up in the middle of your beauty’s sanctuary, 

Wild fantasies devouring my senses but that smile tames them all, 

The attraction that took away my sight from the perverted races for forbidden lusts,

Beckoning my deepest affection to the worship of your love to me, 

Across the tropics to the Poles, let’s run away with the moon so gravity won’t hold us,

Just me and you riding on horses saddled with this eternal passion,

I desire to have you all to myself. 
Disney films and classic soft rock, 

The little pretty habits this love got us on, 

Candle lit dinners, roses and sturgeon caviar, 

I know everything you like, i got your back, 

Dancing in the moonlight, Taylor Swift nights, 

This is our fearless love story from the wildest dreams in 89′,

They say life is a gamble, i placed my soul on you. 
[ Love songs of an artist trapped in his own thoughts.] 



I won’t dare look at those lips to keep my imaginations on check, 

Neither would i lie about my thoughts, you’ve been messing with my head, 

I see myself painting your face on the skies so you could sun up the moon in the night, 

Tattoo your name on the realm of my ego so my pride in you lives on to eternity, 

Guarded by my promise to keep my boundaries within your territory, 

Culture the purity of your love into my sole existence, 

Breath of the fire your words to me possess so my head won’t be frozen in the wastelands of loneliness, 

Live to die into your hands. 

Tell me of the fountain of youth coz i know you’ve been there, 
Don’t lie to me girl, your eyes are too pretty for that old trick, 

Sit there and let me make you a masterpiece for the walls of paradise corridors, 

The remake of Mona Lisa with better shades and golden frames, 

Off DaVinci’s demons, inspirations from a special muse, 

Deep colours fused with the testimonies of these eyes, enslaved to tracing every curve and wonder of your sky-goddess body, 

These very eyes that saw you down street, walking in the rain and chose to shelter your image forever, 

From the troubles of my mind down memory lanes and torments inspired by strange wild addictions, 

Prayed to see you again with an endless despair and anticipation, 

Writing a million letters to your ghost so it’ll hear the voices of my heart, 

Those which could not be heard through the ears of my shallow guts and the understanding of my brain, 

Those which desire you in summer nights, listening to the music that crafted love stories in the 90’s,

The same ones which whipped my pen into engraving these words on the tablets of this art so you know the much you engrave me. 

Wait for me on the wake from your dreams so we could taste the reality together, 
Sometimes it’s scary out of the night but i know the beauty of your heart will see me through, 

I lied to the heavens so I’d keep you around, 

They dare call you a fallen angel but I’ve been to the skies with you, 

I know the brightness of your silver wings and a witness to the lustre of the gold that coats your divine body. 

I know of the elements that design your molly character and i swear to never switch my dealer, 

I know that deep inside you trust my intentions about you and i desire to reciprocate it with a satisfaction of your desires, 


Flying castles with gold-furnished suites and velvet carpets, 

Butterfly chariots with ten thousand roses to my Queen’s lounge, fresh from the fountain, 

This soul aches for the for the day of my return to you, 

That which we kiss over the view of the mountains in winter, 

Swept away by the breeze of this fine companionship 

Waiting on Shakespeare for a new pen. 

The True Power. 

Most of us have, since time immemorial, vehemently criticised our corrupted systems that are delegated with the tasks to oversee the construction of a model that provides a good environment for the development of its people. It is a fair complaint indeed, considering the various times in different places/nations of this world that we’ve witnessed the oppression of the people by their so called “governments” but don’t you think it’s enough said and done? 

Why should we gear up our young ladies and gentlemen to fight wars for the personal gains of the people in those high ranks or unnecessary courses, losing their precious lives like poor lambs sacrificed to a false cult? Why should we corrupt the minds of our citizens into taking to heart policies and ideologies that stand to burn the bridges binding us to living in harmony and caring for each other? Why should leaders glue themselves to various leadership seats even when the people’s opinion is in contrary to their existence in power? (our decisions and choices should mean something at least, right?) Why do we sit and watch pigs, infected by this deadly disease called ‘greed’ thriving under a brand tagged “corruption”, embezzle funds meant to sponsor proper education for our children, good health, sufficient energy supply, among other vital services across the nations, to initiate growth of our dwindling economies?
Corruption has been a major barrier to economic development in the world and notoriously in Africa. It is a demon that walks day and night, widening the divide in our society between the few extremely wealthy and the majority struggling to make both ends meet and those in power are marvelling in this whole fiasco. The standards of service administration in affected countries have been incinerated by this raging fire, belittling the common citizen to a tax paying slave that has a minimal probability of benefiting from the fruits of his labour. Countless articles have been written about corruption scandals on several newspapers, radio and television news have featured the same issue, it’s no longer headlines. Billions of money supposed to be injections into the much required national development projects have apparently disappeared into thin air which the shameless culprits breathe in to live their filthy rich lifestyles . A thousand and one facts have audibly spoken against this destructive vice but our carefree attitude, tribalist egos and greased hands are steadfast on voting the same savages back to power. This is not the song we should be dancing to over the years,the tune has to change if we are to realise some progress in our societies. It’s indisputable that the roots of this course have drilled deep into the ground but for the sake of a future, we have to roll our sleeves and dig it out. We have to pool together our strengths to eradicate this plague from our soil  or the least, hammer it to extinction. 
Asking ourselves these questions is all an endless task that can only be short-lived by standing up to the challenges flogging our countries to submission and summoning the power bestowed in us by our constitutions and the very foundations and pillars that grant life to the concept of democracy. We are the people, the power. We have the mandate to redefine our systems to suiting our needs and catapulting our ambitions to greater heights. Our voices should be agents of what’s true to humanity and bargain for the upholding of every citizens rights without discrimination on racial, religious, gender or political grounds. We deserve a government that works to ensure that its citizens enjoy excellent services and have access to the requisite resources to exploring and expanding their potentials and abilities beyond the limits. It is why democracy, our only way to fight back in this battle, grants us the right to appoint those we deem fit and qualified to represent our demands in the government. 
The world doesn’t need superheroes with alien powers to be relinquished of its calamities. It is those few people like you and i, with a spirit to fight for what is fair and just for everyone, a heart that gives for the profit of strengthening the unity in our divided (and yet dividing) societies, spreading love far and wide to all corners of this blessed planet and uplifting those less advantaged. We have the capacity to be self dependent states, we just need to invest our trust and energy to see it through. Don’t shiver in your hideouts praying to men in black suits and briefcases to be merciful and drop you a few coins for a snack while you possess the power to turn around the events suppressing your progress. Take it to heart that it is your responsibility to be a preacher of positive change in your country which translates to a keen involvement in all the matters that call upon you to decide on their in enactment. It is those few, small decisions we make that greatly determine the possibilities of a chance to seize those big things we want in life. It all starts with the baby steps, so go out there and protect your generation’s future. Decisions they said, you got to choose them wisely and make them carefully. 

You possess a power that once you become aware of it and absorb its potential you’ll realise all the things you’ve denied yourself in life.