I thought if i made you an instagram post you’d be happy,
So i made a thousand and one,
Let my feelings tag along.
I spent every single pretty word on you,
Trying to grow from the stupid boy down the hallway,
Trying to add more sparkle on your eyes,
Their depths in which my trust sunk into.
The world was closed from me and i enjoyed your space.
That was my fantasy right there and you brought it to life,
That was the Friday night i wished for in highschool,
Spiced up with marijuana but you were my high and…
And i just can’t believe it faded away,
Like a dying star in the skies.

I never heard from you since,
Not even a comment and you never texted or called.
Then i was tired of the voicemail girl and gave up.
Some wolves must have turned you against me in the full moon.
Maybe it was something i said,
I could delete it all if that was the assurance for your happiness.
But last night i called your brother,
Still feels like it was a nightmare.
Or maybe he was just tryna keep me away,
He was mad i didn’t go to your funeral.
And if that was a joke then i passed.
I want to flash that thought down the drain but now it adds up and i think the sum is incorrect.
At least i want to believe so.
That you ain’t dead and you’ll show up one day,
With the bubbles on your smile,
Grab a cup of coffee downtown.
Go to all those beautiful places you talked of,
We could start with Accra.
Then the beaches, fly to Europe,
Dare the heights of adventure
But I can’t afford you around me now.
Not even for a second,
Life is that expensive and the moments we shared are priceless.
And all those days i was angry at you,
I wish they were points i could redeem.
Damn! I’ll never forgive myself for that.
For my obsession at pleasing you,
I forgot i was just perfect for you,
I needed to be there.



éperdument amoureux : LOVE STRUCK
✴ ✴ ✴ ✴ ✴ ✴
Lost in Salem, trapped by the seduction of those eyes,
Overdosed on portions familiar to the taste of the cherry on your lips,
The sky all lit up by the starshine of your eyes, after a day’s great sun,
Tonight i was walking in Venice and you were all over Giorgio Bellini art work, smooth opera playing from a Captain’s Ball afar,
Your hair sparking silver, your body on super geometrical projection,
Body soaked in Lilies, radiance coated every granule of your skin,
It rained and shined at noon, even nature craved for your company.

✴✴ ✴ ✴ ✴ ✴img_20161218_034012

Photocredits :


Down by the river,
The stream dancing to the tunes of the birds by the rice field, the reeds carried away by the tunes of the rumbling wind,
The air was silent listening to the beat of our hearts, the sky couldn’t stare away from beauty of your skin, kissed by the crystal waters with a touch of the gold in the sunlight,
The tone of that voice tore away my sanity, the warmth of your breath burnt my thoughts, “Tu as de beaux yeux” I wish i was born a Dubois, with a clean brushed mustache by the streets of Monaco, right under the lights of Monte Carlo, just to tell you, You have very beautiful eyes in that accent.
Or maybe we could go play with the sands of Sajid Majid in Zanzibar while a band of cultured men on khaki shorts, beaded sandals and reed hats plays us some smooth slow bango.

✴ ✴ ✴ ✴ ✴ ✴ ✴


The flowers by the fountain aint bright enough like the last time you went bathing, 

The birds don’t sing in the morning by my window if you’re not around,

“L’amour est la poésie dessens” Balzac, calls it ‘Love’, the poetry of the senses,the darker shade in the beauty of life, 

Today is a night full of dreams, a promise of a divine love story of this black affair,

A confession of my addiction, greater than the bee’s craving for nectar, how you juggle up my thoughts and capture the consciousness of my emotions,

Last night i wrote a letter for you, from the art of François Copee in literature,

Words from beneath the waters your love drowned me into, the truth of the feeling got me hooked on,

It ended , “Je serai poète et toi poésie… “. I’ll be your poet, will you be my poetry. 

With Regards.



Cleopatra’s Secret Chamber. 

Your beauty makes me confuse my fantasies with reality, 

Sometimes it feels like I live both. 

You’re my kryptonite, 

The only time my Clark Kent and superman coexist. 

Belt buckle clinging onto the cold floor,

Like the sound of  battle drums, 

Napoleon must win!

We discard off our faces,

The floor is littered with details,

Like in a rush, 

Our hearts are impatient,

Our lips starved of discipline. 

I hold up your body, 

Melting underneath, 

Like I’m drinking from your lips, 

Your soul, 

Seasoned with desire, 

A pronounced taste of love. 

Like a bottle of wine left to be for years, 

Gracing my throat as it slithers down in awesomeness,

Like the taste of your lips, 

Served hot by your body.

Clenching fists and cracking toes.

Your legs ache, 

Butterflies in your stomach, 

and I’m swallowing them when you moan softly into my ear.

Digging deeper into my back with your nails, 

Pain to pleasure, 

The latter I can’t measure. 

I want to squeeze you in my arms, 

Open my mouth wide open, 

Let you drip in, 

Drop by drop. 

Pretend to be quenching my thirst,

Feed from your hands,

Their divine touch. 

Holding me down to the worship of your body. 


She’s Beautiful 

She’s beautiful, 

A shooting star that strikes the heart of my thoughts. 

Perfect in imperfections, 

She’s beautiful, 

You should have seen her through my eyes. 

Glorified in her elegance, 

She’s beautiful, 

She’ll make away with your heart. 

Her charms flow like a river, 

You might drown in her love.
She’s beautiful, 

Dressed in magnificence, 

Beauty in truth, 

Different from this world. 



You made a pact with the stars,

They share in your shine.

Get me up into into the clouds,

Unveil to me the glory of your desires.

Charge me guilty,

I pledge for a setence in your arms.

I sold my mind to your fantassy,

Dragging me all the way back to you.

Rinse my troubles in your love,

Feels like am reborn.


Am not the best man you can find,

I hope i’ll take you to him.

I can’t promise the world either,

My heart got no superpowers.

Then I wish I had all the answers,

My life is a clueless riddle.

Drown my senses in your touch,

Only you can shelter my pain.


That smile is my moon,

Mark the shadows off my night.

Juggling my thoughts through the streets,

Don’t miss out on my circus.

Praying with my eyes wide open,

Can’t wait to see my angel tonight.

Guard me in your arms tonight,

Keep me safe from the world.


She’s like a light switch,

Hidden from my reach,

Tell me how i can turn her on.



Africa, the holy ground which our forefathers deemed fit for the worship of peace, love and unity among its people ; a promise of a better and brighter future for which they tirelessly labored in the cruel regime of injustice and hatred, to engrave its certainty on the tablets of freedom. Then,was a common course that pooled together fearless spirits and outstanding characters from every corner of the continent, breathing life into the realisation of self-rule and the onset of a free world for its children to explore and live their dreams.


Unfortunately, the Africa we knew has since undergone a metamorphosis cycle into a harbour of adversity run by the lack of hygiene in the political systems designed to shape efficient and functional government structures, the carefree attitudes of the people towards various key elements that have been pounding the society’s development to submitting to the immense poverty levels, and the tribalist egos which we’ve consciously provided an advanced habitat in our minds. The heights of political unrest in the many African nations which have been playing Rambo on the stability of this land by churning its security installations is reaching for the skies but this time round God is out of options since we’ve already aligned ourselves along tribal lines, speaking different social,economical and political dialects. The dream of our ancestors about a self-dependent vibrant Africa remains chained and caged in the ink of the night and attempts to see it through into the daylight can as well be dismissed as a parody of Judas’ ownership of the silver coins.

Meanwhile, the people have chosen to close their eyes on this saddening reality into a heavy slumber because the African dream is appealing, even when it only exists as a piece of literature in sociopolitical reads and an irritating whistle tune used by looters to shelter their ill intentions while masquerading under masks of honorables and excellencies to steal from the people. The fabric that has clothed this divine land in peace,harmony and prosperity is tearing apart with each day past and the individuals entrusted with the responsibilities of weaving it back together are pulling out strings to clothe themselves. The meaning of a leader has been shamelessly translated to landlords of vast property coverage, travellers in posh private jets and flashy motorcades ; all running on gallons of fuel from national reserves, consumers of the world’s high-end luxury products and bugglers operating in broad daylight.

Governance has been severely dented in this part of the world hence undermining the mastication of the tireless efforts of the humble citizens to yielding essential nutrients fostering the growth of its sons and daughters. In addition to this fact, the salt and light sermon on this major concept, preached by our founding fathers on the mountains of freedom, has been cast into the recycle bin by the scoundrels (professionally refered to as “governors”) whose main agenda is to uproot this continent and turn it upside down. Greed has swept us away from the sacred codes dedicated to the programming of our mentalities as dictated by the principles of brotherhood and peaceful co-existence among us.

We’re slowly falling victims of our own actions as we sit down and watch savages devour our land, sharing it to their convenience. They plunge us into endless conflict ,in our innocence , as they entertain their guests in expensively furnished mansions in America,Europe and Asia where other governors are putting in work to their titles. Promises of heaven have slammed the gates of hell right behind us rendering our toil and harvest irrelevant to our own survival since these hyenas have crucified our economies  and laid national currencies inside valueless tombs awaiting an unprecedented or prophesied messiah.

Our children linger in ignorance from the shallow education systems ripped off their efficiency by the gluttons gobbling up funds meant to sponsor fundamental facilities and salaries for the poorly paid teachers. Mothers play a vital role in delivering the future of this beautiful land but all is not rosy when the few available health care facilities seriously lack the latter at no alarming rate to the relevant ministries ; the big fish swim in big oceans so they aren’t bothered by the hyacinth in the lakes. Talking of inflation; skyrocketing prices scare the ordinary people each day because their pockets,emptied by overboard tax rates, cannot handle the heat of this tragedy.

To conclude this endless discussion; the leaders of Mama Africa need to summon the ghosts of their conscience to scare their people out this nightmare that chokes their sleep. We need to instill responsiblity and accountability in the individuals overseeing the activities of our nation so the efforts of our fathers in the liberation of Africa can finally realise its fruits. African leaders need to go back to The University Of Dar Es Salaam and acknowledge the sense in Prof. PLO Lumumba’s speech on the hygiene in African politics. We need to go back to the struggle for independence and establish the price of freedom and evaluate if we’ve made any profit of that struggle or compensated for the loss. We,the children of this land, need to join hands and stand firm against the predators stealing our sheep by night. We need to embrace our true selves and work tirelessly to achieving the African dream.



deep night,shadows growing bigger through the curtains,

a couple thoughts,sunk into the blue of your world,

poseidon realms,where my life finds its beauty,

wishing i could leave tonight,should it be this hard?

should my happiness be tied to you?

your heartbeat,the world in your smile,

breathless in space,the universe around;vanity.


i’m lost without you,just let my ego out,

you see i thought i had it all under my coat,

i’m a dumb son out of expressions,

tangled up in ignorance,i’m new here,

thinking it’s only about the roses and chocolates,

goodnight kisses,

valentines nights,candle lit tables with costlies,

faking smiles,dead talk,

wish i knew what to do,

different from your girlfriend stories,

rich men, exaggerated lusts,

appreciate your trust,a piece of my heart:a whole of it,

do right by you,read the light in your eyes,

love and cherish, grab a character in this love story,

but you got to show me how,

at least one more time,

i can’t lose you again.

the world can rise against us but i’m not sorry for you,

the day i met you,

that just saved my life,

that just made me whole again,

lit up the sun from my balcony.