Phone Ringing, 

At the window, 

Swallowed by the chill in the breeze, 

Bewitched by the beauty of the neighbors lawn, 

Flowers and trimmed grass, 


The phone ringing,

Through my head this time, 

She’s been calling since last night, 

Last night, 


Just last night! 

She goes, 

Once more, 

i like the play under your sheets,

 wrapped in your skin, 

Exploring the extent of our fears, 

The depth of our passion, 

The fire in our lusts, 

Just one more night? 

Just one more night? 

I’d be cursed for a good girl gone bad, 

I’ve always thought that’s a slogan for the famous skinny women in the west, 

Last night, 

Ask me about it seconds before am laid off to rest and still, 

I will narrate every detail of your skin, bare before my eyes, 

The precision in the modeling of your curves, 

The innocence of your eyes with a fire that couldn’t be extinguished by mere words and touching, 

The twitch of your lips that burnt out fantasies in my head, 

The vulnerability of your breasts to a touch that juggled the dreams and reality in your head, 

Everything that turned you to a wild child set to devour my phsic in a snap! 

Let’s do it now, 

The night is far away. 



Hear the voices in her mind, 


Wait! Excited!? 

We could do it by the old well where the water grows Lilies, 

In the glare of the moonlight and the envy of the stars, 

Sipping on some sparkle and candles all round the stepping stones, 

Yeah. Lighting all red and blue, 

That’s good enough to scare the Romeo story? 



Hold that breath, 

I have a pot from the Caribbean, 

Just some fine spice wrapped in expensive pirate linen, 

We could light that up as we watch the dusk set, 

Create our own cloud and roam in the skies through to the break of dawn, 

Crush into each other till our bones kiss each other, 

Let the groins burn and our minds disappear into this fiction they call love, 

Curse on letters of my name till the voice is no more, 

Let the wild loose and free the birds to space, 

All we know is each other, 

Let’s act like we appreciate that. 


Sheepish grin, 

Reason is what we don’t need, 


Voices in her head, 

Weird? Sudden? 

Maybe too fast, 

Yeah. But… 


Just this one last time, 

The last one, 

One last night. 


✴✴ ✴ ✴ ✴ 

New day, 

Phone ringing, 

At the window… 


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