The Shadows Of Hers. 

Late night, 

Absorbed in the comfort of the balcony chair, 

Watching the skies make merry in the sky, 

Things i wish humans did, I wish! 

Without a bottle of booze or an ounce of weed up their conflicting brains, 

Minds clear! 


Fed with the gifts of virtue : off these hippie misconceptions and unsolicited theories about life,  

But then, 

Then this race for these cool perceptions, 

Making you feel like you ugly less you’re painted with some chemical portions, 

“Heard about the new Kylie collection in the morning radio stations? ”

You forget real beauty isn’t about Hollywood inspirations, 

Or the size of your audience prescribed by Facebook and Instagram manipulations, 

Its like you made it to the screens but you still practicing for the auditions, 

Like you know the road to paradise but you still asking  for directions, 

Lied to yourself that you not dignified enough for those top positions, 

Because you’re subscribed to these false conditions, 

Laid on with bad intentions, 

People caught up messed in their own life situations. 

Now listen! There’s more class to your African name than the headliners in those celebrity publications, 

Beyond that torture, deep in the nights  standing in the streets for those sex auctions, 

Your nakedness attracts less currency than it would with true emotions, 

True to who you are out of those social media promotions, 

So let that music play till you feel your heart beating to those vibrations, 

I hope if you don’t read the scrolls you’ll find peace in reading m poems quotations, 

Don’t conflict your yin and yang to politiced race relations, 

Live to see another day when the portraits of your imaginations, 

Feature in the classic art collections, 

Your body all soaked up in color, marvel in the exhibitions, 

And all that you once had freezing  your thinking was just a bad dream a series of horrifying illusions. 
PC : Alexisnireah [WILD CHILD] 

The Best Model In This Cursed planet. Afrovisuals, vintage & urban all swayed up into one go. 

They say poetry is painting which is heard but not seen,  she’s poetry that’s seen! 


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