The True Power. 

Most of us have, since time immemorial, vehemently criticised our corrupted systems that are delegated with the tasks to oversee the construction of a model that provides a good environment for the development of its people. It is a fair complaint indeed, considering the various times in different places/nations of this world that we’ve witnessed the oppression of the people by their so called “governments” but don’t you think it’s enough said and done? 

Why should we gear up our young ladies and gentlemen to fight wars for the personal gains of the people in those high ranks or unnecessary courses, losing their precious lives like poor lambs sacrificed to a false cult? Why should we corrupt the minds of our citizens into taking to heart policies and ideologies that stand to burn the bridges binding us to living in harmony and caring for each other? Why should leaders glue themselves to various leadership seats even when the people’s opinion is in contrary to their existence in power? (our decisions and choices should mean something at least, right?) Why do we sit and watch pigs, infected by this deadly disease called ‘greed’ thriving under a brand tagged “corruption”, embezzle funds meant to sponsor proper education for our children, good health, sufficient energy supply, among other vital services across the nations, to initiate growth of our dwindling economies?
Corruption has been a major barrier to economic development in the world and notoriously in Africa. It is a demon that walks day and night, widening the divide in our society between the few extremely wealthy and the majority struggling to make both ends meet and those in power are marvelling in this whole fiasco. The standards of service administration in affected countries have been incinerated by this raging fire, belittling the common citizen to a tax paying slave that has a minimal probability of benefiting from the fruits of his labour. Countless articles have been written about corruption scandals on several newspapers, radio and television news have featured the same issue, it’s no longer headlines. Billions of money supposed to be injections into the much required national development projects have apparently disappeared into thin air which the shameless culprits breathe in to live their filthy rich lifestyles . A thousand and one facts have audibly spoken against this destructive vice but our carefree attitude, tribalist egos and greased hands are steadfast on voting the same savages back to power. This is not the song we should be dancing to over the years,the tune has to change if we are to realise some progress in our societies. It’s indisputable that the roots of this course have drilled deep into the ground but for the sake of a future, we have to roll our sleeves and dig it out. We have to pool together our strengths to eradicate this plague from our soil  or the least, hammer it to extinction. 
Asking ourselves these questions is all an endless task that can only be short-lived by standing up to the challenges flogging our countries to submission and summoning the power bestowed in us by our constitutions and the very foundations and pillars that grant life to the concept of democracy. We are the people, the power. We have the mandate to redefine our systems to suiting our needs and catapulting our ambitions to greater heights. Our voices should be agents of what’s true to humanity and bargain for the upholding of every citizens rights without discrimination on racial, religious, gender or political grounds. We deserve a government that works to ensure that its citizens enjoy excellent services and have access to the requisite resources to exploring and expanding their potentials and abilities beyond the limits. It is why democracy, our only way to fight back in this battle, grants us the right to appoint those we deem fit and qualified to represent our demands in the government. 
The world doesn’t need superheroes with alien powers to be relinquished of its calamities. It is those few people like you and i, with a spirit to fight for what is fair and just for everyone, a heart that gives for the profit of strengthening the unity in our divided (and yet dividing) societies, spreading love far and wide to all corners of this blessed planet and uplifting those less advantaged. We have the capacity to be self dependent states, we just need to invest our trust and energy to see it through. Don’t shiver in your hideouts praying to men in black suits and briefcases to be merciful and drop you a few coins for a snack while you possess the power to turn around the events suppressing your progress. Take it to heart that it is your responsibility to be a preacher of positive change in your country which translates to a keen involvement in all the matters that call upon you to decide on their in enactment. It is those few, small decisions we make that greatly determine the possibilities of a chance to seize those big things we want in life. It all starts with the baby steps, so go out there and protect your generation’s future. Decisions they said, you got to choose them wisely and make them carefully. 

You possess a power that once you become aware of it and absorb its potential you’ll realise all the things you’ve denied yourself in life. 


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