Of all the places I’ve been to,
Your heart gave me the best adventure,
Allow me to move in there permanently.
I can’t remember what drove me to you,
When I laid eyes on your picture,
I just wanted all that fire and composure to me.
There are a million things that a mind do,
Mine is drawn to your feature,
All day thinking about you, you only.
Love is blind but our hearts can see,
In its estate we’re a forever fixture,
I’m yours truly.

You came into my life like cigar smoke breaking through the air,
Smooth down to my lungs,
Then to my head and I’m all over you.
Sometimes it seems unfair,
Like you’re forcing yourself into my songs,
But I’ve been coded that way, that’s what Love do.
Kissing here and there,
The balcony in the morning and the kitchen tables,
We can do this all day, I know you want to.
In this life we share,
All the apples and lemons.
We’re a riddle, Forever is the clue.

Hi Juliet,
Won’t you take in my Romeo,
This time we got a world of our own.
Hush! That’s a secret,
Last night was magic, imagine the afterglow,
I never want to be alone.
The table is set,
Welcome to my show,
I’m tired of waiting on valentine.
Let the night handle the rest,
You know I’ll always be asking for more,
But it’s you, is there any other option?



Am learning to read time on the watch,

I got used to seconds when you blinked,

Then the twitch of your lips,

Minutes into moments,

My mind is pasted on the day I saw you,

I wish we could live in that moment forever,

Sorry that we came to this.
One more bottle, one more smoke,

Trying to get there without you,

But am too tipsy to find my way,

There used to be a me and you,

Scripted like Jack and Jill,

Only that love was our evil,

This is my punishment at the end.
Am on a spaceship to pluto,

Drifting past our memories, 

Wondering if that could be us again, 

Would you even give it a chance, 

We’ll all move on after some time, 

Or maybe not, 

Wish that we could do this again, better. 

The Lips Of Another 

Cuéntame tus secretos, 

Ella dijo. 

Tell me what you desire, 

What makes your heart entire?

Her eyes are a mire, 

I drowned in her beauty prior. 

She’s a briar,

My pyre.

A bonfire, 

I’m addicted to her fire. 

Tell me your secrets! 

She insists. 

Los labios de otro, 

That’s how you complete me. 

Tienes arrepentimientos?

Ella pregunto. 

A tear, 

Something you fear? 

I’ve lived my life a Chevalier,

There’s so much pain I had to bear. 

Heartbroken; pinned down with a spear,

Caution is my souvenir. 

and even with a gallon of beer, 

my troubles still don’t disappear. 

Sad to hear, 

She draws near.

Los labios de otro,  

That’s all I need. 

Heartbroken Ever Since 

Blue veins, grey eyes, dry lips,

Steel chains, pain twice the size, hell trips,

Caesar coins, love and lies, heartbroken ever since.

Blood stains, temperature rise, my last sips,

Love trains, my wagon’s loose, broken links,

Brown plains, talking scorpions, heartbroken ever since.

Alien strains, highest clouds, Hennessy shots,

Came with your friends, to much noise, that was just for the two of us,

You want the latest trends, designer shoes, your pocket and your looks,

Like I just whip magic wands, what are the returns, you don’t even know what love costs. 

You spread me out like grains, at the mercies of birds, I wish you knew how much it hurts,

Guess I wasn’t drafted for your future plans, but you didn’t have to step on my toes, lie to me with that kiss,

That you’re beautiful beyond your wrongs, gave my all to this course, but you never had me in your thoughts.

Broken ties, I’ll nurse my wounds, but can’t get over the loss, 

Can’t believe this all came to a close, I thought we had set goals, when I read about Cleopatra should’ve taken notes,

I could’ve read your intentions, saved myself these depressions, but you wrote in different fonts, 

All these questions, left with no answers, heartbroken ever since. 

A Heartbroken Soul Has Sweeter Revenge On Love. 

The Lovelorn Journal. 

by the Lovelorns, the fire beneath the ice

( a composition from the original works of Timbuktu97, Gold & Sugar) 

Sometimes the deepest love does not exist in the tones of our voices: how soft, deep or sincere they sound ; the expression on our faces, the widths of our smiles; neither in the intention of our actions but kept deep in the core of our hearts, a forbidden treasure, so that it’s safe from the malice of this world.

✴ ✴ 
The way I feel about you, 

It just don’t change overnight. 

Even long after this world becomes ugly to my soul, 

Believe me this is forever.
We’re racing down a concrete jungle, 

Chasing dreams, 

Wild fantasies,

Chasing desires of our hearts.


My heart on yours.

Bad behaviors,

Entangled under the covers. 


Risking it all to have each other. 
✴ ✴ ✴ 
Hi Ess,

I know there’s nothing in me you’ll ever miss,

And no matter how hard I try to please,

My place ain’t where your heart is,

So I try to let these feels rest in peace,

Give you some space,

Coz I would die to see you in a mess,

Six feet under with tears on your face.
✴ ✴ ✴
Fool me once, Fool me twice, 

Am a sucker for your love. 

Diving into the ocean headfirst, 

Let the sharks in your lies devour me,

Let the stretch of your wicked smile blind me from the truth,

As I lay breathless on the sea bed, 

Awaiting a change of heart,

Praying some day it will beat for me. 

As I stand still on this ground, 

Waiting for you to take me home,

To my dreams, the bed of my fantasies. 

Home with you, mine.
✴ ✴ ✴
Don’t take off your glasses, 

I might roast in the light of your eyes. 

My mind might stop, 

Let the heart run its turn. 

I might lose my grip on reality, 

Drown in my fantasy, 

Begging not to be saved. 

I might lose my manners, 

Unveil the wild side, 

Like a wolf in the full moon.

I might forget my pride, 

Fall down to your knees, 

Savouring every drop of you. 

I might forget I’ve had trouble in my life, 

When you smile there like an angel. 


My heart leaps again.
✴ ✴ ✴
They say I’m jumping from a frying pan,

They don’t know I’m addicted to your fire.

Still battling with my addiction,

If you’re a bad habit I’m diving right into the mud. 

You ain’t perfect, no one neither,

We just look too good together.
✴ ✴ ✴
People go, memories stay,

And I saw you the other day,

You got me feeling some type of way,

Wishing your ghost could go away,

My heart is still in the service bay.

I’m heading down the brae,

Pretending that everything is okay,

I don’t mean to sound like the victim in the play,

Love has a price, maybe this is the way I’m to pay, 

Packaging all this pain,

Promising to never fall in love again,

Struggling to remain sane,

Cut my thoughts off your chain,

All the love I gave you was in vain.

You left me plain,

Alone in the rain, shivering in the cold,

Watching your person unfold,

Your true colors in bold,

I thought you had a heart of gold,

Too bad it was already sold.
✴ ✴ ✴ 

✴ ✴ ✴
My life is a heartbroken story,

My heart don’t even beat.

I’ve fallen in love before,

It’s not worth the thud.

The pain is like a woodpecker,

Drilling through my stem,

Slowly crumbling my person,

Turning my mind inside out.

Believe me a kiss don’t mean a thing to them.

Their souls are dry,

You won’t be the last to walk into that wasteland.

Love is like dust on their roof,

When the rain comes adios.

Adios mí amor,

It was nice meeting you. 
✴ ✴ ✴
I know you can see through my eyes, 

It’s all you in there. 

You know how much I want to kiss you, 

I want to live in your heart and die in there. 

I’ve made very bad decisions in my life, 

You’re none of them i swear. 

This is the red and blue, 

My love is true, 

Paint me in your colors.
✴ ✴ ✴
Cut the lies, dry your tears, the door is behind you,

I’m breaking these ties, you can keep your promises, I wish I knew,

I guess I wasn’t worth the prize, I’m stuck with these questions, never thought you’d be the same too
✴ ✴ ✴
My heart has learned to beat twice on that thought,

Fool me twice shame on you.

I journey beyond the eyes,

I can see through the lie,

Broken hearts have a sweeter revenge on love.

You shot me down and left me out in the cold,

Like I was just one for the road,

What happened to “us against the world” ?

Never thought I’d get my mind of your shadow,

Coz that’s what you are, it just took too long to know,

Now I’m wishing I had this before,

You should see her eyes glow,

Cute little face just like yours but better,

Because her smile is tender,

She doesn’t fake it either,

Her touch like a feather.

My heart has learnt to beat twice on that thought,

All the pain is gone,

I have my revenge on love.

I’m not writing this to you because I’m good in poetry,

It’s the things you do to me,

You’re where my heart needs to be.

When the words come to me,

It’s all you that I can see,

I want to soak you in my ink.


The Sun, Before The Night 

I used to love the sun when it was round and fiery, fierce in its glow, commanding the colors of the sky.
Before the crescent shape, freezing in the cold night sky and its haphazardly bleached face.
When the skies would turn orange in the merry of the twilight, just before our beasts walked out into the world – wild with lust, the stench of desire; it flipped their minds upside down, lit a fire in their guts.
Before I stumbled on you in the path of my dreams, a dear to my demons keeping me awake all night when you’re not laying beside me – obsessions of my heart: one with the stretch of your smile, another with the calm in your person that becomes the storm and sweeps my fantasies onto the shores of reality; one with your rage, another with the tender that kneads my pride to a sweeter man; one with the sparkle in your eyes and another with the purity of your heart.
I used to love the sun before you shined into my dreams and held them into the morning.

Before I tucked in your hands for the night, on the mercies of your touch and the warmth of your love.
I used to love the sun but I ran away with you into the night. 

All, With You 

All these broken clocks,

All the time we wasted.

All the scars spread all over our bodies,

All the counts we’ve been hurt,

Back for love again.

All these thoughts in our heads,

All these feelings,

Moving on from the past.

All the moments we shared,

All the smiles, the fun,

Strike pause, take me back to that episode.

All the way we’ve come,

All the blisters on our feet, all the sweat,

Chasing for the perfect love,

We’re good with our imperfections.

All the tears we’ve cried,

All the sad songs our hearts have been forced to dance to, 

Sometimes sweet tastes sour but the plate is served. 

All the words I wrote,

All and more about you,

Time to live our love story.

All the kisses,

The paradise between our lips,

You can’t say you don’t miss that.