The Two Story

You’re mine since the first page,
It’s only right the tale gains to the end
Then a happily ever after;
What we have lives beyond time.

You’re the landlord of my dreams
And I want a room in your heart too,
Tag every moment I treasure with your smile,
I’m only worth in your while.

My thoughts are paintings from your inspiration,
The detail never lies.
Deep inside is a fire,
You’ve fueled a desire.

I’m only known to you,
You cleaned out the skeletons in my closet
And suffocate my fears with your energy,
I’m loving the adventure in this journey.

We don’t care about the destination,
We’ve read all the signs along the road.
I’m strapped in her love,
I’ll make it there safe.


Strawberrys & Chocolate

And you got your mama’s eyes,
That woman raised you right,
That’s why you deserve the best,
I want you to live in my arms.
I’m pinned down by these ties,
That’s the heart’s want,
I gave up the fight,
Always be yours.

Your smile in sunrise,
Like the sun came up for your light,
Your body wrapped up in bed sheet,
You’re my fantasy’s right size.

I got our song on replays,
We can dance all through the night,
Don’t switch on the light,
We might jump into extras,
Just the two of us,
Dare you to the highest height,
Be sure to hold on tight,
Am letting loose.

I’ve tightened up my ends,
I’m suited for the flight,
The weather seems right,
I hope this plane never lands.

I won the ultimate prize,
I’m never getting you off my sight,
You’re the only one to do me right,
It’s you my heart wants to please.
We both know what this is,
Cupid shot at my chest,
You got me the antidote,
It’s time I settle the scores.

The Lornes

I lay at the ocean, the salt through my veins,
Approach with caution, I’m still healing my wounds,
A heart broken, love thrown to the wolves.
A mind taken, my world down the drains,
A tear to follow every question, only pain got me the answers.
I so badly waited on the rain, the fervor washed away in its acid showers,
Where’s the angel on the train, fate and destiny are a bunch of cowards
Scared of the fire sparked by this feeling, our hearts building towers.
No longer drinking on the same proportion, maybe it’ll sink in with ten more bottles,
Vengeance isn’t my intention, I’m done with love and lies.


I’m friends with Jack Daniels but I only get tipsy at your doorstep,
Just when I’m raising my wobbly hand to knock,
Then I remember you’re behind there still awake,
‘Thinking that it’s too much to take,
Then slowly the knob turns, a slap on my left cheek,
You won’t talk to me for a week.
But I’m just a love freak,
Insane on your love.

I’m friends with Jack Daniels, I only get tipsy at your doorstep.
Water slide right into my mind,
I know there’s no better I could find.
When you cry, my teeth grind,
We’re intertwined,
In tangles that no one can unwind,
Even if my mind is sometimes blown by the wind
I swear I’ll never leave you behind.

No Jack Daniels, I’m tipsy on your love.
I just crossed the line with all my emotions,
My heart all lit up in celebrations,
Just drunk on your potions,
All according to Cupid’s prescriptions,
Dancing to your songs.
Get me more rounds
Of your kisses and touch. No Jack Daniels.


Believe me, you got me,
There’s more that smile tells me
Apart from your body clothed in beauty,
My mind is a writer living on your story.
Sorry I wasn’t raised properly,
I should be a gentleman taking things slowly,
Patience is is too costly when you’re involved in this,
There’s a shine from inside that makes your colours glow,
You know you don’t have to go,
We’re both in want for more
So why don’t we act mature,
We must settle the score.

You make life seem so easy,
Waking up to your face every morning
From the bright love in the night,
Sunlight came to your sight.
Straight from your light,
Images in my mind
When I miss you in the night
And you ain’t around to make things right.

You make life seem so easy,
Even a tear can’t stain your smile.
I’ve been writing poems for a while
But I’m pouring out my heart this time,
I know you’re worth the while,
Worth the cheque and the wait.

My mind is shouting foul
But the heart has no crime.
Destitute Hearts and caution,
This feeling survived the abortion,
If you can’t beat it, you know what to do then.

We’re tasked for each other,
This assignment will take forever
And I’m not such a giver,
I don’t know how you got me here.


[Teenage Dreams]

1. Regret Stare

And the late night beat don’t sound the same,
I spent the whole night calling your name.
It all started like a game,
Now I feel more than just the shame,
I’m a fool for your love, just took too long to notice,
What you get is what you give, I’m not worth the price,
And I’m sorry you had to leave, I regret it twice,
You’re all I have, I can’t live with this divide.

You got the beautiful Efuru eyes,
That sparkle never lies.
I know I’m knew to these ties,
Believe me, I’m learning from my wrongs.
Sometimes it might only seem like words,
That’s the reason I don’t live on promises.
I want to do this different,
I want to do this straight,
Never again with your eyes wet,
I seal that with my heart,
Tell me we can do it.

You’re laid out in my mind,
A song always on rewind.
Fate might not like how we sound,
Hell yeah, let’s go get another round,
Let’s wake up in the morning and play around,
Let’s bridge worlds with this bond.
I should have treated you like treasure,
I wasn’t worth the pleasure,
And you got too much pressure,
Seems like we ain’t good together,
But who said we ain’t worth the picture,
Life, without you, is torture.

This is my apology letter,
Make sure you read between the lines.
This is my heart here,
Deeper than the words.
You hold my tear,
Just keep smiling through the days.
Don’t ask me why I still care,
You’ve always known my reasons,
I don’t know why I hold you so dear,
I think you’ve gotten through my boulders,
That reminds me of your stare,
I hate that journey past memories.
These ain’t just words on paper,
My heart is on its knees.

2. Two Story

Run away if you can,
I know your heart will be back.
To the sun, to the moon,
You know you’ll never find the guts to pack,
There are things you need to get done,
You know I’m your best luck,
So stop with the whining,
Take your hands of the lock,
I need you back in my arms,
That’s where you belong.
You might not like how this sounds,
It’s true, you can only dance to my song,
I’m your only flight to the clouds,
It don’t matter the bud in your bong,
And you’re every word between these lines,
Don’t keep me waiting for too long.

They’ll pour you drinks and tell you lies,
That we’re not meant to be,
It doesn’t go any deeper than my eyes,
Maybe they should wait and see.
They can’t break these ties,
They’ve been trying daily,
So many words,
Too bad they can’t change the story,
Too bad our smiles keep stretching further,
Like fine wine with age,
The grapes steal a better flavor,
We’re drinking off the gage.
They lived on happier forever,
We’re living past the end page,
Cruising through together,
We’re champions in this road rage.

3. Teenage Fever

I want to grow from that boy starring over the balcony,
Cycling with your brother on the walkway,
He hates me for reasons too many,
If he ain’t coming to the party I’ll be glad to stay.
Remember when your paps bought you a chiwawa,
You’d ask me from school to walk her together.
Then my eyes treated you like my little sister,
Before your smile grew prettier,
And some kinks grew a little bigger.
Slowly you became a stranger,
One that took my head with her,
The urge to know you better.
Everything happened too fast.
I was the best of your company at first,
My heart now thinks that’s not just,
Because it’s more than we both want,
It’s not ready to compromise on that,
And if you think there’s any way out,
You should be the one to tell it that,
I’ve tried for too long to fight it,
Now I’m all beaten and knocked out.

I can only be valued by these words,
This is my worth, from my heart to yours,
My excuse from the thousands,
The high-tagged heels and cars,
This is promise for as far as it goes,
Nobody else knows, I want to buy you a fresh rose,
All quarters in fours, whatever you want is yours.
I want to see the first light with you,
If not my heart could stage a coup,
Beat the red blue, what it wants is you.
You ask if what I feel is true,
To be honest I got no clue,
This is a love-do, only when the heart want to,
And I don’t even know if we’ll make it through,
Love lies too, but your eyes don’t,
That’s how I know it’s true.

4. Pick Up The Phone

The leaves are turning color,
Which will be our season?
I’ve been waiting since last summer,
You’re not answering your phone,
You know you’re the only one am after,
I’m tired of spending these nights alone.

You’ve ran me out of options;
Here I go with confessions.
I have questions,
I know you have the answers,
You know what this is,
We need no more reasons,
No more letters,
It’s all in your eyes.

Here we go again,
The silence is driving me insane,
I’m all alone in the rain,
Still waiting for you to feel the same,
I know you do,
What you feel is so true,
I’m no longer anybody new,
I’m here for you.

Hey, let me ask for a favor,
Read the message on your phone,
I know you silenced the buzzer,
If you got something going on,
You got my number, we can share,
You’re never alone.

5. Destination South Africa

When she was singing in the shower
She reminded me of Shekhinah
Suited for each other
The sound of forever
Brewing portions on her lips
My mind is on foreign trips
She belittles my beasts
When she smiles my heart leaps.

Even if we knew no poetry
The night will still tell our story.
I heard love calling me
But I take no step without mine truly
Take me to your world and leave me there
Am all lost in your stare
My fantasy just switched up to another gear
We got our troubles and fears but it’s just us two here.

I need one more night in Durban
The beaches and the sun
Me and You kissing in the full moon
I really need to see you soon
We could use some black coffee
Heavy K playing on some Bucie
You’re the right one for me.

Take me to South Africa
I’m not taking a day without Stimela
Getting done learning Xhosa
My world lives there
Take me to South Africa
I need to feed the adventure
But only with her
Destination South Africa.

6. Dar Es Salaam

In the heart of beauty you chose to strike me,
Whispering to me softly,
I know my dress is costly,
I wouldn’t mind if you took it of me,
The night was only young,
Our bodies danced as our hearts sang,
We were slaves to the feeling,
Angels spent the whole night watching.

Dar Es Salaam,
For you, I come,
Days without you haven’t been the same,
Maybe your smile should take the blame.
I got no wit out of this one,
Not that I’m just a man,
Your shine can only be challenged by the sun,
I can’t stop stealing kisses on the train.

Dinner for two,
A French wine bottle too,
Some lilies will also do,
Just the way she likes it, nothing new.
Put on that red velvet dress,
I’m waiting in the old Mercedes,
305 Karafuu please,
I can’t wait to do this.

Let’s make a movie,
The Dar Es Salaam story.
It was a sunny morning,
A silk floral crop top na shanga kiunoni,
Her voice melodiously tuned in Swahili,
She was killing me slowly,
My eyes glued on the feature of her body,
I’m glad she caught me.

We can ride a Bajaj,
Still pull up with a swag,
And we got no standard,
We just happy with what we have.
The music and the beach,
We’ll make sure to have a tonne of each,
Inshallah, the next time we meet,
If not tomorrow, this coming week.