Poet, The One In Love

Maybe the day I’ll find one with a stare
that sparks a fire like yours,
I’ll stop writing about you
but in this while let me know how you want your world to be like,
with my every bit, slowly build it up to existence.
I want to cast the light on your shadows,
don’t be scared of the past,
we’ll get past that together,
suited for each other,
who could shine my sun like that,
the glow of your face as you wake,
betraying the glory of the sunlight,
rose gold,
light that spark again,
bring my world to wake.



She thinks I’m sentimental
but I’m just trying to speak my mental
how she bends my thoughts like heated metal,
sometimes I wish we could stop this child play and settle.
Wish we could iron out the kinks on our fabric
but she’s too shy to even speak
so I’m still hoping on the bleak
for she’s my soul’s pick.

your value can’t measured on this Casio,
if time is money then you’re worth more
and my love for you deeps to the core,
I’m never giving you any reason to go
so you can always be sure
that my dedication comes before the pleasure
and we’re crossing that ocean together,
doesn’t matter the weather!

take my heart to the bank,
security for all that life won’t pay back,
every reason to bring that smile back,
you know you’re my best luck.
Since that night at your girlfriend’s
I’ve been struggling to hide these feelings,
avoiding the light of your eyes,
but how can we keep secrets from our angels?

i long to own your dreams,
be the caretaker of your demons,
even when life’s giving me lemons
you’ve never found any reasons,
why I don’t deserve you
or that this love couldn’t be true
but always steady on the move,
making me anew.

Amount Theory

Worth the time even without the money.
Worth the forgiveness without being sorry.
Worth the ink and the build of my story.
Worth the dreams of the nights I spend lonely.
Worth the wait even for eternity,
the adventure like a tour to Bali,
and the high even when she’s never been to Cali.
Always a hollie,
her beauty even when thorny.
Sweet and jollie,
{her absence} my dear melancholy,
without you the nights couldn’t own me.

We’re bolt and nut,
screwed together for the infinite.
What’s a day off your light,
I don’t lowball your smile’s might,
to make everything so right,
somebody remind me of our last fight
seems like I didn’t just lose sight,
but all their talk in the street.
We’re talking amount,
in my theory you’re the clout,
if my roof without,
I’ll die in the cold of that night.

I want nothing more than the times spent with you,
you know how we do,
just us two,
we’re our own crew
and even if it’s just our debut
with no idea where to,
we’ve already made it past the dark blue,
where else could I mine the courage in you?
I can’t pen my mind like Hugh,
but through these eyes you make me anew,
nothing of the warmth on my face untrue,
and if we’re talking amounts too,
My life weighs nothing without you.


should all these words be a fabric surviving your nakedness
when you get off the shower in time to read my message,
and just before you choke in your chuckle
wondering what my bad habits have fed me today,
the sun rays feeding from the glow of your skin
and reflecting on to my damned mind,
that image sculptured on medulla;
let me steal you for a ride.

Through the flurries let my lips embrace your body
and when you think you’re scared, look into my eyes,
it’s the real you in there;
standing before me in full moxie,
poison in her eyes,
my pride having it’s last.
You should see her stir the beauty of the world,
resting on her head like a crown,
a royalty that got me down on one knee.

Tonight I’m aiming for the bullseye of your fantasies
and I can tell I’m almost there by the sound of your breathless moans
so go ahead and tear the last of my bedsheets.
My backs is all tattooed in your scratches,
sometimes it’s dangerous around you but I’m born for the rush
and you’re at the edge of the world now,
jump and I’ll catch you.
Let’s dive into our space,
an infinite bliss and moments to relive.
In my arms your demons sedated,
we can steal a look at the promised land
just enough not to make a mess again.
Paradise in your lips!
Who mixed your portions?
I want to empty your curiosity,
fill your head with my name
and every time whisper it through a gasp,
like you want me to stop
but the storms in your eyes rage otherwise.
I can read your mind out loud,
the goosebumps on your skin are like braille;
quite a writer you got.

Regret Stare

He was a myopic fool devoid of a future
but she had sunk to her feet in his mire,
blinded by his cozen smile.
She wanted to so badly float his boat
expecting a reciprocal of trust and true love from him
even when he had no flimsy idea of what it meant;
he’d won the favour in her eyes,
held his stones in his pouch,
his bird safe in the cage.

All this time she was barking the wrong tree
but the desire to make it work stole her second thought;
a sucker for love fed on the wrong diet.
He was a scavenger in the night,
left no stone unturned.
That was the only time he loved her,
it was all he was after
and she filled his plate with flavour,
Always the provider.

She showed up to his birthday party in her red velvet dress,
dressed to impress,
only a trophy over his friends
and three months later his line was dead,
when she’d bailed from her mates to make it her best night. Now she had to blow her candles alone,
and top her cake with tears.
The lonely night called out to her senses,
She learned her lesson.

French Nights

The night was sore with lust
She was ripe with desire,
All she wanted was to sail as steered by his mast.
He wanted to dive into her fire,
So somehow he found himself on that waist;
More than just a masterpiece of geometry.
Her lips were caviar in his,
The tang took him to the last grain.
She was made of star dust
Her sparkle stole his sight.
The way he loved her people thought him insane
But she got him on checkmate,
His fantasy’s twin size.
What’s a hippie on crack cocaine?
He worshiped her into his heart.
What other prize should he want
She came with everything else.
The world belonged to him when she was around
And when she bit on his muscles
Then smiled in impunity,
That’s when his pieces came together;
He can’t tame the lengths his smile stretches to.
His world is anchored to her heart
He can never rock away.

Paris And Helen

I can’t remember where we met,
I was thinking with my heart.
And the night we spent,
You made the while worth it,
Took my heart and split it;
Changed me from a Clerk Kent
And only you got the kryptonite.
I can’t get you off my sight,
I’m blind without your light.

I’m Paris from Troy,
My sword is promised to Helen,
Not even Zeus in heaven,
She’s here to stay.

Don’t mind if they don’t treat you the same,
They only know your name,
Can’t see the picture inside the frame,
Neither understand how we rhyme,
Don’t let them waste our time.
Only two in this team,
Am the shield, she’s the firearm.
They wonder how we won the game,
We’re toasting to kingdom come.

A day to another,
Closer and closer,
In this world together.
My mind like a feather,
Looking for another,
You caught me midair.
Within your radius I tether,
Diving hand-in-hand into the future,
You’ve made me a man sweeter.

I’m Paris from Troy,
My sword is promised to Helen,
Not even Zeus in heaven,
She’s here to stay.