All, With You 

All these broken clocks,

All the time we wasted.

All the scars spread all over our bodies,

All the counts we’ve been hurt,

Back for love again.

All these thoughts in our heads,

All these feelings,

Moving on from the past.

All the moments we shared,

All the smiles, the fun,

Strike pause, take me back to that episode.

All the way we’ve come,

All the blisters on our feet, all the sweat,

Chasing for the perfect love,

We’re good with our imperfections.

All the tears we’ve cried,

All the sad songs our hearts have been forced to dance to, 

Sometimes sweet tastes sour but the plate is served. 

All the words I wrote,

All and more about you,

Time to live our love story.

All the kisses,

The paradise between our lips,

You can’t say you don’t miss that. 



Your beauty amazes the skies, 

You’ve won favour from the sun, 

How its rays traces your figure onto your shadow, 

Jealous of the moonlight, 

When it unveils the scene of your pectorals to me.

My touch on your body,

Preceded by that of perfection only.
Lust battling innocence. 

Our hearts ablaze, 

Their embers with a glorified glow. 

We wrestle, 

Our lips touch! 

The scent of your body, 

Like a gentle breeze in my lungs.

The heat of your body, 

Melting my heart down, 

Rendering my soul defenseless. 
Twists and turns, 

You rip my fantasies apart. 

Freeze my guts, 

Submit to your soft calls of need, 

Like a violin waving the bass away, 

Our favorite love song. 
You bite when the wolves howl, 

You scratch with the crickets’ orchestra. 

You hear my voice in your head, 

The ecstasy in my words. 

The ground beneath you crumbles,

Down slow you go breathing on my heartbeat, 

Making into one, 

Like scarlet petals into a rose. 

Our mouths full of each other, 

We talk with the tender of a finger.

Flipping the pages of our love story, 

Morning will find us a title. 

Cleopatra’s Secret Chamber. 

Your beauty makes me confuse my fantasies with reality, 

Sometimes it feels like I live both. 

You’re my kryptonite, 

The only time my Clark Kent and superman coexist. 

Belt buckle clinging onto the cold floor,

Like the sound of  battle drums, 

Napoleon must win!

We discard off our faces,

The floor is littered with details,

Like in a rush, 

Our hearts are impatient,

Our lips starved of discipline. 

I hold up your body, 

Melting underneath, 

Like I’m drinking from your lips, 

Your soul, 

Seasoned with desire, 

A pronounced taste of love. 

Like a bottle of wine left to be for years, 

Gracing my throat as it slithers down in awesomeness,

Like the taste of your lips, 

Served hot by your body.

Clenching fists and cracking toes.

Your legs ache, 

Butterflies in your stomach, 

and I’m swallowing them when you moan softly into my ear.

Digging deeper into my back with your nails, 

Pain to pleasure, 

The latter I can’t measure. 

I want to squeeze you in my arms, 

Open my mouth wide open, 

Let you drip in, 

Drop by drop. 

Pretend to be quenching my thirst,

Feed from your hands,

Their divine touch. 

Holding me down to the worship of your body. 


She’s Beautiful 

She’s beautiful, 

A shooting star that strikes the heart of my thoughts. 

Perfect in imperfections, 

She’s beautiful, 

You should have seen her through my eyes. 

Glorified in her elegance, 

She’s beautiful, 

She’ll make away with your heart. 

Her charms flow like a river, 

You might drown in her love.
She’s beautiful, 

Dressed in magnificence, 

Beauty in truth, 

Different from this world. 


I thought if i made you an instagram post you’d be happy,
So i made a thousand and one,
Let my feelings tag along.
I spent every single pretty word on you,
Trying to grow from the stupid boy down the hallway,
Trying to add more sparkle on your eyes,
Their depths in which my trust sunk into.
The world was closed from me and i enjoyed your space.
That was my fantasy right there and you brought it to life,
That was the Friday night i wished for in highschool,
Spiced up with marijuana but you were my high and…
And i just can’t believe it faded away,
Like a dying star in the skies.

I never heard from you since,
Not even a comment and you never texted or called.
Then i was tired of the voicemail girl and gave up.
Some wolves must have turned you against me in the full moon.
Maybe it was something i said,
I could delete it all if that was the assurance for your happiness.
But last night i called your brother,
Still feels like it was a nightmare.
Or maybe he was just tryna keep me away,
He was mad i didn’t go to your funeral.
And if that was a joke then i passed.
I want to flash that thought down the drain but now it adds up and i think the sum is incorrect.
At least i want to believe so.
That you ain’t dead and you’ll show up one day,
With the bubbles on your smile,
Grab a cup of coffee downtown.
Go to all those beautiful places you talked of,
We could start with Accra.
Then the beaches, fly to Europe,
Dare the heights of adventure
But I can’t afford you around me now.
Not even for a second,
Life is that expensive and the moments we shared are priceless.
And all those days i was angry at you,
I wish they were points i could redeem.
Damn! I’ll never forgive myself for that.
For my obsession at pleasing you,
I forgot i was just perfect for you,
I needed to be there.



You made a pact with the stars,

They share in your shine.

Get me up into into the clouds,

Unveil to me the glory of your desires.

Charge me guilty,

I pledge for a setence in your arms.

I sold my mind to your fantassy,

Dragging me all the way back to you.

Rinse my troubles in your love,

Feels like am reborn.


Am not the best man you can find,

I hope i’ll take you to him.

I can’t promise the world either,

My heart got no superpowers.

Then I wish I had all the answers,

My life is a clueless riddle.

Drown my senses in your touch,

Only you can shelter my pain.


That smile is my moon,

Mark the shadows off my night.

Juggling my thoughts through the streets,

Don’t miss out on my circus.

Praying with my eyes wide open,

Can’t wait to see my angel tonight.

Guard me in your arms tonight,

Keep me safe from the world.


She’s like a light switch,

Hidden from my reach,

Tell me how i can turn her on.