Let’s drop the dolls and robots, we’re grown now. You got a mind of your own now, save your heart the trouble, accept this is destiny. From singing in the church to Christmas night corals, I come long way with that brilliance, you’re the right influence in my space.

We ran after butterflies in the winter fields, before Dora The Explorer and the Winks, now I’m after a moment on your lips. We should give this a chance.

Teenage Fever

I want to grow from that boy starring over the balcony,
Cycling with your brother on the walkway,
He hates me for reasons too many,
If he ain’t coming to the party I’ll be glad to stay.
Remember when your paps bought you a chiwawa,
You’d ask me from school to walk her together.
Then my eyes treated you like my little sister,
Before your smile grew prettier,
And some kinks grew a little bigger.
Slowly you became a stranger,
One that took my head with her,
The urge to know you better.
Everything happened too fast.
I was the best of your company at first,
My heart now thinks that’s not just,
Because it’s more than we both want,
It’s not ready to compromise on that,
And if you think there’s any way out,
You should be the one to tell it that,
I’ve tried for too long to fight it,
Now I’m all beaten and knocked out.

I can only be valued by these words,
This is my worth, from my heart to yours,
My excuse from the thousands,
The high-tagged heels and cars,
This is promise for as far as it goes,
Nobody else knows, I want to buy you a fresh rose,
All quarters in fours, whatever you want is yours.
I want to see the first light with you,
If not my heart could stage a coup,
Beat the red blue, what it wants is you.
You ask if what I feel is true,
To be honest I got no clue,
This is a love-do, only when the heart want to,
And I don’t even know if we’ll make it through,
Love lies too, but your eyes don’t,
That’s how I know it’s true.

Maybe we met on favors for the drugs but you’re my greatest addiction.

Ring! Ring! Please leave the phone alone, we’ve got too much going on. Knock! Knock! Who’s that on the door? My hands are full for the lock. Maybe I should leave a sign, “Don’t Disturb!”; this is my little rehab, trying to heal from the past.

We’re lost in our world, drunk in love, wild on desire; our souls on fire, stars round our heads, temperatures on the rise. It’s an alien world, closed to the universe, you won’t find us; high through the night thrn I wake up to her smile.


Been smoking too much girl,
Feels like I need nobody,
That’s why I haven’t called in a while,
Don’t dare think that am up with somebody,
It’s you all the way,
That’s why I need to first get my life right,
I’m here for no play,
This feeling is too tight,
I guess it’s all because of you,
The things you got me on,
I guess we got things to do,
Am not myself when am all alone.

I guess it’s a trip,
I’m addicted to your portions,
Poured up in my cup,
Don’t switch up the proportions.
Your eyes like the skies in October,
Prettier through through the seasons,
Your smile still taking like I can remember,
That’s your pass to my dreams.
We aren’t perfect for the picture,
How did love trap us in its frames?
I will never get over your feature,
You’ve won the heart of my eyes.

In your ocean, drowning.
I know this ain’t the proper timing,
But I need more, please be a darling,
I’m a beggar on your street,
Help out a destitute heart,
Whichever little you get,
It’s my perfect pint.
Let me soak in your color,
Let my tongue dip in your flavor,
I’ve been looking for a healer,
You’re the one to treat this fever.

Its seems to never be the right time but the heart wants what it wants this time. Pleasures from another can’t satisfy the need to have her but the bridge is stretching further and I’m scared I might lose her forever.

I slide out of the sheets at night, from the warmth of her hands because in the cold outside when I’m talking to you is where my pieces come together and lite a fire. I wish it was that easy to leave her but we’ve also been through much together. She won’t forgive me for breaking her heart. We should’ve never parted ways.

Destitute Hearts

I left my message through the other, other number,
Let’s meet on the first of October.
I’m currently dealing with another,
I know it’s a tale you don’t want to hear,
This is for real this time, I swear,
I’m in love with you, none other.

We had plans for forever,
It was me and you, always together,
Why we ain’t right now, I can’t remember,
Because with you I had a smile much wider,
The future couldn’t be more brighter,
We could beat the world together.

My mind now belongs to another,
My heart is yours forever.
Her love is for sure sincere,
They say we make a perfect pair,
But my place is nowhere here,
Why can’t I strangle this dilemma?

Damn, you look too good in that picture,
I can’t blame myself enough for missing the feature.
Who thought this would be me months later,
My head banged on the locker,
I could do much better,
Our story should have been painted in a different color.

[ Full piece on DESTITUTE HEARTS FW coming soon ]

Some days I’m alone in the ocean, sandwiched between the waves and the salt is eating up my soul; there’s no one to call, just your scarf on the shore and am trying to break through, reach for the last memory of you.

Days While You’re Gone

Imma get high and try to forget you,
Maybe the strain is stronger this time,
Maybe a couple of more bottles will do tonight.
It’s just been a week, I can’t take this life,
Not without you,
The things we used to do.
No sunshine without your light,
It’s only worth with your smile,
Wrapped up in such beauty,
I knew I’d regret it,
Didn’t need to wait for Passenger to sing it.
Knew you were the one for me,
I promise there’s no two or three.
There’s so much I didn’t see,
But I can’t take you out the picture,
Perfect is only when we’re together,
Every minute past, alone, reminds me of that.

You got no substitute,
If I break your ankle the game is over.
I got no other refuge,
Your heart is my cover,
We’re scripted to the end of the story,
Please don’t put the dot in this chapter.
And I know we can’t just solve this over a cup of coffee,
I should be a man better,
There’s more you deserve,
That’s what I’m promising to give,
Let me bring your fantasy to life,
There’s still a chance on this love.
I never meant to hurt you,
I can’t stand losing you.

The mobile subscriber cannot be reached,
Please leave a message.
That’s the thousand and one time I called,
We’re growing a cleavage,
This is not what I pictured,
And that was my pistol’s cartridge,
I’m taking the blame as much as the pain,
I’ll never leave you alone again,
Should’ve never have crossed the line,
Breaking your heart is a sin,
Am now a broken spine,
On my knee before your door,
A chance once more,
This time I’m a hundred sure.

You know it’s different without you.

You’re half of me.

Not Sobber When Sobber

I’m not sobber when sobber,
The world around me don’t seem the same,
Make haste I see you,
The plug won’t answer my call.

I’m not sobber when sobber,
Praying you stay for the night,
Don’t switch on the light,
I’m too high to take the fall.

I’m not sobber when sobber,
There’s no much I have,
Just your heart and that smile,
I lack nothing at all.

I’m not sobber when sobber,
No guts to hit a pint either,
Only you can fly me into those skies,
I’m strapped for the flight.

I’m not sobber when sobber,
Tripping along the way,
Come take me home,
I’m dying in the cold of the night.

I’m not sobber when sobber,
Never will,
That’s how we’re designed to be,
You’re the one to do me right.

Red Kite tied to my heart, never letting go.

Red Kite

Love and rage, my heart has set the stage,
Funny how that feeling has grown to this age,
I’m glad we turned onto this page,
We got forever’s pledge, this is a closed case.
That brilliant smile on your face,
Even for eternity, I’m willing to chase,
There’s much more that God gave me than your kiss,
If I truly love you is the only way I’d know this,
And there’s one more thing to confess,
Not into your ears, just the lips.

Cherry white in the beauty of the night,
You stole my thought, my dreams are lived in your light,
The sea under the port, my pillars stretch deeper to your heart,
Let my mind light the concert, you already know what I’m thinking about,
And your voice’s so soft, call me when the shower’s hot,
You’re the inspiration of my want, a gift that the heavens sent,
Always tight, Cupid’s favorite,
More than a bite, shouldn’t have let me taste,
More than Romeo and Juliet, this ain’t an act,
Don’t switch on the light, we’re good in the dark.

Made perfect, heart go fetch,
It’s your heart I want to paint, your eyes are my sketch,
And I’m no saint, just a charmed wretch,
Tuning my heart beat, I guess I should quit the search.
It’s as you wanted it, the wine French,
Candles lit, ready for the date,
Cooked up in your spices, true love in my plate,
Don’t feed on their utterances, dangerous to digest,
Jealous voices, that’s the best they can get,
Choices, your heart chose best,


Beat My Sativa

Damn I’m a sucker,
A word for another,
I mean it all together,
I mean it when I say forever,
Beside you there’s no other,
You beat my Sativa.

Your name is my favorite song,
I let my thoughts sing along.
The heart is king Kong,
In you it sees no wrong,
The feeling is too strong,
You beat my sativa.

That smile’s a billboard on my mind,
I’m glad you’re standing on my ground,
You make life a better person than she sound,
Allow me to order another round,
I’m addicted to your brand,
You beat my sativa.

Higher than a kite,
I just had my best night,
Then I woke up to your light,
You own my world by every right,
Let’s do it again tonight,
Beat my sativa.

Take whatever you like,
You’ve broken my lock,
Held the arm of my clock,
It’s you my words want to rock,
I the man with the best luck,
You beat my sativa.

No new shoes,
Just a kiss and a rose.
No clues, no news,
Keep your views,
We’re here to stay, it don’t matter thee seasons,
No else beats my sativa.

Eyes Like Lupita

If I was Tchala I’d only fight for Nakia,
Her eyes like Lupita,
You should come see her.
She has a different fire,
She will steal your desire.
Don’t get caught in her stare,
She lives the tale of Medusa.

Twelve years as a slave,
Even if it’s to the lifetime to come,
For you I’ll silently serve.
What lives inside beats time,
I’ve been waiting for you since ’05,
We’re not this patient where am from,
But I’m swept by your wave,
That’s where my head is home.
There’s not much in common that we have,
Perfection is scarce under this dome,
I can feel that this union will survive,
Eyes like Lupita, they can confirm.

Eyes like Lupita,
You’re flying my fantasies higher,
That’s priceless from your mama,
God send angels above her.
She’s the winter,
She’s the summer,
Her smile is always stretching wider,
She’s an intriguing wonder,
There’s always something new about her.
And her eyes got a fire,
Beware kill monger,
Eyes like Lupita, we live and die for each other.

Melanin brother,
The gold and sugar!
Strength of a woman,
To the sun,
Back to the moon!
I kneel in shukran,
Thank heavens for the sign,
I could have missed the role on this scene.

Gold And Sugar

“The Music Through The Night”

Gold and Sugar, highly melanated. Blessed with a wonder that takes more than the eyes to explore. If you ask me about that night I will only narrate of the fireworks in the star-freckled clear night sky and some Ayo Balogun serenading the night with the afro vibe; whatever I shared with her that night was out of my spheres of imagination, new to this reality and brewed in supernatural dimensions. You might not believe a thing once you find the truth in happiness, where your heart is at rest with its beating and you’re tasting fantasies from the cup of reality; the world almost seems new to you because finally you are with whom you belong with.

I’m slowly getting used to the days after that night,
I didn’t know you could fall so fast from that high,
I need to see you right away if I’m to make it right,
I’m growing a habit and it happens to need your light.
Whenever you feel like you’re drowning you know which straw to clutch,
You know the address to reach,
We’re a shade that none can bleach,
Colored in love, perfect with no scratch.

It’s you I came looking for tonight,
Even though you act so surprised, deep inside you know I’m right.
So let’s put all the questions to the side,
You would not have seen through to my heart if I had anything to hide.
I can hide loads of things beneath my face,
Your love must be foreign to this place.
My life is finally figured out,
If we’re talking digits definitely you’re my first.

The music played on deep into our tipsy heads and so was the fire fueled on in the dancing, along with my fantasies as her waist drifted in that perfect steady motion, shifting from shoki to gwara gwara, then gradually into the curator of my thoughts and landlord to my dreams. All this time I was taken, Black Coffee had played on to Eazi, I could use that dose of holy water too. Sometimes it feels like you stole Medusa’s charm for your image to cast a spell on the damned. When I asked for you in the morning: “Stimela?”

Highly melanated, who stole you from the heavens?
Thoughts of you build in sevens,
Your smile makes best of all occasions,
We look good together, ask us no more questions.
And pay no attention to our world,
Even though it’s lit in gold,
The night is warmer with just us alone,
Melanin spiced with some sugar and gold.

The night is Heavy with K, she has Bucie’s ever young goddess body like an African queen should – it’s like the song was made for us two. Tell the Barman to pass another round for those ladies, if the shine of their stars is honest they deserve all the currency and more.

More like an evening massage in the view of the setting sun,
Orange on the skies, tanning your skin to gold,
I had to skid out of the rhyme to get the description through,
I had to spend a couple of sleepless nights too, my mind on you,
Looking for you all over the city, maybe I could find you in a jewelry store,
I need to see you before I go.

I want that Rihanna by Yxng on replays. Reminds me of the little extras we shared on the balcony, and hell I was breathless from your lips’ adventures on my neck; your nails deep through the back of my shirt, savoring the moment. I can only curse that existence for losing your contact – swept away by the wind from my stray hands that found their way to your waist.

Stimela, I made a song for you,
Another is on the way too,
You deserve it, you do,
I’ll pay any price to have you.
My mind is far from my body,
You know the why-story,
So why don’t you do this right by me,
Rich African loving, touching me slowly.

Gold and Sugar, highly melanated,
I can’t get enough of you of course, I’m already addicted,
Come slow lady boss, you’re about to get me overdosed,
Remind them to build a new class, you already graduated.

You know I’ve been calling,
You’re my first daze of winter,
I’m customed for your loving,
I follow you like the North star,
Working on learning the Pidgin,
The path is clear, we’re not that far,
I’m on my way coming,
Just a little while before the cheers to forever together.

Gold and Sugar, highly melanated. I’m still high on the love you showed me, next time I’ll be nailed to your side. Remember me when that smile steals you in the office; take me into your dreams, we look good together. Stimela, I want to say that name with your lips in mine.

Six Inch Prada

Tiptoeing into the salon,
Six inch Prada heels on.
You need not to ask of her cologne,
She made sure it’s instantly known,
Just like her thighs stealing the scene through the split gown,
Prefers dressing largely in the suit when was born in,
The eyes on the other end can’t complain.
Her head held up high for the crown,
On Instagram she’s a queen,
Cherry red lips and a round smooth chin,
Pictures taken from her phone.
She’s always on the shine,
When she calls you can’t decline,
‘specially when you got a pint into your brain,
That’s the quickest way to flash your worth down the drain,
Six inch Prada, tik tok out your way.

Date at nine,
Seventy past ten,
She had trouble with the make up portion,
I was out in the cold then but everything’s fine,
At least she has shown,
Even though with another man,
Not her brother or cousin.
I was dumb enough not to read the sign,
The first team rights have been withdrawn,
The cuddles and Friday nights gone,
They told me “have the fun while you can,
Soon you’ll be just another pawn on the sideline,
Beaten and alone.
She drives many insane,
Even when it finally depreciates to pain,
You’ll want to meet her again,
But she waits on no one,
Six inch Prada,
” cut my hair a little bit shorter,
Reminds me of the other, other nigga!”


Smile, softly to my demise,

It’s been a while, I’ve come to confess.



My fault is that I just saw you,
You can put any other blame on the reason I want you,
Why my pen is only drawn to your descriptions,
The things you do to me, the reason I want you.
I’ve watched this feeling grow from the frame of that picture,
Now a grown up desire threatening to consume my mind if I don’t get to see you,
Seeing me through all these distractions,
My mind pinned by it’s edge on the canvas,
Tracing your beauty along it’s glory,
It’s pronounced colors in my eyes soaking my need,
Blinding the voice of all other intentions,
Lost in You.

Highly melanated, my D’Jango Jane.
I didn’t call because I only do it to hear your voice,
And this time I wanted you to dig the purpose of my involvement.
At first I could rub this off with your beauty and body,
But it’s been seven days now and you’re the only topic underlined to my writings,
At least those I remembered to jot down,
There’s a tsunami in this head and I’m told you got the “be still” hands.
Perfection is sold in gold,
Sometimes I think people put too much on it.

It’s just a heart like yours,

And a chance to share in your air,

A reason to wake up to in the morning.

Love at first sight, I thought it was a test,

You can soak my lips with your taste, I can still wait,

Till you’re ready, you know where to find me,

This is my story, I hope you reading me.



I want the streets painted in the colors of your smile,
Cherry red with a vibrant charm, we could dance all night if the heavens let us.
The street lights down Ssabela End couldn’t outshine the sparkle of love in our eyes,
We were lost to the moment, that dream should have lived longer,
At least to the dawn of the first kiss,
When you’re in my arms taken by desire.
In truth we’re so wrong for each other but I guess we found some loopholes in perfection,
And when the sun sets our day gets brighter,
Because we don’t belong to this world,
We made our own.

You picked me where trouble left me for dead,
Drove me back to myself and taught me life anew,
I owe you too much, sometimes I wonder if my heart is enough security.
Feed me from your lips, I’ve grown a habit.
Grant me favor in your mind,
Let me win your thoughts over before the heart starts a rebellion,
Let me cross you over to the other side of town,
Across the retiring railway station, near the abandoned warehouses,
Late night in my cabin where I lay parading my fantasies to the ghosts of the night,
If only they could stop asking more about you and help me get to you!

Ssabela End, on an orange Thursday evening of October,
Wake me up if I ever see another an equal of you.
Take me back to that exact so I can feel that rush again,
The grace when you blinked gently caring not to hurt the air,
I swear I could’ve died in that sensation,
And neither can I remember the flavour of the coffee,
You had added favorites into my life and I was not getting enough of the sweetness.
You came to me in the right size I can’t be grateful enough,
Never forget the date to that day,
That’s my real birthday.



I want to write a song about just how beautiful you are,
If you’d let me write about the beauty of your build,
A creation of perfection, even prettier beyond the face,
A heart muscled with tenderness and patience,
The pages in there are all written,
Let me read them for you.

Am not privileged to any promises,
I want to live this day like it’s the last between us,
Even though I doubt if our love is mortal.
There’s more to desire than for the future,
There’s more rush in the night than the break of a howl,
I’m indebted to your trust and I’m down to pay every cent.
You took the eyes of Medusa, I was frozen by your spell,
This right here is ‘not going back’,
I meant more than the shape of the letters and the tone of the words .



You swallow my world with that smile,
If you’d allow me, I’ll go after it,
Unless you’re brewing charms on your lips,
You know I can’t pass on your kiss.
My mind still living on the inspiration of your eyes,
The good you desire is for my heart to acquire,
You don’t need to say it twice,
I heard it at the thought,
I’ve read about you in the fairy tales, I just can’t believe it could happen to me.

At first it like every other girl’s inspiration on my thoughts,
That was before I noticed that sparkle I’m your eye,
With a shine of innocence and intensity different from the others,
I had to trade my ego for thirty pieces,
Get down on one knee, writing my ring’s flight to that finger.
Sometimes I’m repetitive with your smile it’s just the way it got me,
I don’t think you’re making me crazy,
You add some glow to reality,
We can’t be written apart in this story.



At least let me know your name,
Just to answer one of the many questions in my thoughts,
The same story to be told of my heart, destitute to have you.
The ink turns red every time I’m writing about you,
Your star never lies about your shine,
There’s some superhuman in you,
My eyes are convinced that you’re an angel.
I want to take on the riddle in your eyes,
Blindfold them with my arms,
Take you out to the winter fields and quench the wonder of your desires.
We weren’t born intertwined but we share a heart,
And we couldn’t be any different with the sun and the moon,
Whatever you see on me must have been casted from your light.


I wish I had a different language so you could read what my heart writes,
But I can’t even gather words to explain my intentions or whatever pushed my mind to you,
I just know it must be because of you,
So I’m all in to exploiting the wonder.

Desperate courses and desperate actions,
You have to be the inspiration of my need,
Patience is costly but I put out every dime to go get you,
And till am empty of these thoughts; maybe in a world without you,
I’m out here chasing your air,
Filling in the spaces between us,
Swept by the wave to your shore.



I could smuggle a few more words into this piece,
You’re the best story my eyes can ever tell.
I wish to be underlined in your topic,
How your muscles twitch when I touch you,
And your body melts in the inside,
Then you let your lips to me,
Let me drink straight from your heart,
Lay you above the world, alone with the stars,
Soaked in the golden light, tanned to a goddess,
I’m here to serve your desires.

Caution is stolen, my metal chest is broken,
I’m defeated, enslaved to your side.
I don’t need to know the occasion,
I’m ready to be yours in this life and the next,
Our souls share with each other,
This is forever.
Adventure must be anywhere with you,
Paradise must be the imagination we share,
Me and You together,
I only see that reflected from you,
I was born that way.



I had a date with Mona Lisa, let me paint you the picture,
Her smile a little bit wider, though she has a temper,
Her eyes quite bigger, she’s an African diva,
Of course the waist slimmer, you’ll be damned by the feature,
Melanin with some gold and sugar, make me take her to my mama,
Queen of no drama, she got it all from her mama,
Extra and extra, I mean her ice-cream character,
Yeah, just one spatula, be sure you’ll have another,
Black caviar, made me a man sweeter,
I want to buy her a nice car, she says she’s all good with my heart,
That’s why I have to find words for one more bar,
One more for her, sure she’s a star,
One more with her, a lifetime and forever,
Made my pen a preacher, my heart on speaker,
There’s no grass greener, she’s a gentle lover,
And this is just a fever, she knows how to brew the cure.


Of all the places I’ve been to,
Your heart gave me the best adventure,
Allow me to move in there permanently.
I can’t remember what drove me to you,
When I laid eyes on your picture,
I just wanted all that fire and composure to me.
There are a million things that a mind do,
Mine is drawn to your feature,
All day thinking about you, you only.
Love is blind but our hearts can see,
In its estate we’re a forever fixture,
I’m yours truly.

You came into my life like cigar smoke breaking through the air,
Smooth down to my lungs,
Then to my head and I’m all over you.
Sometimes it seems unfair,
Like you’re forcing yourself into my songs,
But I’ve been coded that way, that’s what Love do.
Kissing here and there,
The balcony in the morning and the kitchen tables,
We can do this all day, I know you want to.
In this life we share,
All the apples and lemons.
We’re a riddle, Forever is the clue.

Hi Juliet,
Won’t you take in my Romeo,
This time we got a world of our own.
Hush! That’s a secret,
Last night was magic, imagine the afterglow,
I never want to be alone.
The table is set,
Welcome to my show,
I’m tired of waiting on valentine.
Let the night handle the rest,
You know I’ll always be asking for more,
But it’s you, is there any other option?